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Thanks for the support!

Thanks everyone that has supported the project in various ways. With the funds collected can 30 isotope analyses be done at the battle of Wisby Findings. I'm still waiting for a response at the applications from three different foundations

Hopefully more funds will be received from these so that even more analysis can be done. Thanks again for all your support!

An update

Here's an update on crowdfunding project that financially supports the master's thesis I’m working on. Yesterday I received a letter from His Majesty the King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustav. The letter said that I had been granted funding for the project "The soldiers of the Battle of Wisby". This was the third grant application for funding. Previously, the Torsten Söderberg Foundation and De Badande Wännerna have given financial assistance. This, along with the money from private donations, means that now there are opportunities to perform tests of between 90-100 individuals from mass graves. This is amazing and will be able to provide a more reliable statistical basis to draw further conclusions. Without you, who have financially supported the project, this project would not have had the financial ability to be implemented. You gave me the opportunity to dare to believe in this and I am incredibly grateful.

How to donate.

The easiest way to donate is by use Free donation, in the right column, where you could choose any amount.

Other good options is Analyses report or Acknowledgement in the Master thesis.