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Raoul Wallenberg hero or agent 103 by Malga Kubiak

we are filming in GBG, the snake Lucifer who is in act died, 

we keep on filming lots of important places & people, 

see ya,


Raoul Wallenberg hero or agent 103 by Malga Kubiak

I have been writing emails with Yvone Singer. Yvone Singer is a 'child' born in Raoul Wallenberg's apartment in Budapest on November 4th 1944. Yvone Singer is artist and curator of art in Canada. Marta Konarzewska actress, intelectual, script writer & LGBT profile in Poland is going to act mother of Yvone Singer, Jarek Vitczakof poet from Lodz (Poland) is going to act father of Yvone Singer. After all to be filming this enormous tragedy and madness that was & is the holoucast - we are filming births in this particular film. Nina Lagergren was 6th months pregnant in the moment of her last meeting with Raoul in Berlin on July 7th 1944. Elizabeth Kemeny was pregnant during her cooperation with Raoul. It is as life is creeping at death.. somehow the reverced order, is as You would have died before You live; may be You leave first. It is painful.

Raoul Wallenberg hero or agent 103 by Malga Kubiak

Caroline Loptynsky as Elisabeth Kemeny & Daria Infanti as Gabor Kemeny. Daria Infanti is Malga Kubiak's assistant of that movie, is cinematografer, together with the others, is acting Gabor Kemeny & Ilona Edelsheim-Gyulai. 

Its challenging to even think about this movie, its scary to dive into it. Holocaust is the demon to face. Raoul Wallenberg's odds are horrifying. 

How are we (with the team) going to proceed?


Raoul Wallenberg hero or agent 103 by Malga Kubiak

Raoul Wallenberg hero or agent 103 by Malga Kubiak

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Ej beviljat Projekt-ID: AB-2016-023
Hej och tack för att jag fått ta del av ditt projekt! Filmens ämne och huvudperson är mycket angeläget, men då informationen är mycket kortfattad har jag beslutat att ge avslag på din ansökan om stöd till projektet. Vårt uppdrag är för närvarande att stödja unga filmare i Stockholmsregionen, främst i åldrarna mellan 18 - 30 år. Vi brukar uttrycka det som att avståndet till denna våra primära målgrupp minskar chanserna för att kunna få stöd. Kombinationen av att du inte längre tillhör vår primära målgrupp, samt en knapphändig presentationen, gör att vi ej kan prioritera ett stöd till ditt projekt. Mvh Anne-Marie Söhrman Fermelin, filmkonsulent Film Stockholm/ Filmbasen Handläggare: Anne-Marie Söhrman Fermelin Beslutsdatum: 2016-05-15
malgas answer to filmkonsult som ar pa semester till 25 augusti
Re: Din ansökan om projektstöd har uppdaterats malga kubiak Reply| Thu 6:18 PM Anne-Marie Söhrman Fermelin ( Hej Anne-Marie, You know probably that I work a lot, i do a film per year or 3 long films per year. My screenings are only on LGBT film festivals and at Bio Zita. i don't have PR person and working so much i don't get PR around, as i work without budget from my own pocket all the time. I am swedish filmmaker with roots in Poland. Poland went crazy now and i can't hope for anything there. When Sweden started to promote women filmmakers, first i got very happy, but soon understood that it was exclusively case of young female swedish filmmakers. And it was already years back. yes soon i will be 66. i find no words to discuss with You, to argument, to struggle, to try. do You really think i start to make a movie, huge movie with so little knowledge as is in my information? on the hero of such caliber, with so much drama involved? with so much dirt? with so much politics? i am run down by the story i want to tell, and i am going to tell. its a tragic tell. With my PPPasolini 2015 i had big hopes and got in contact with few swedish producers, but finally it was only good luck wishing.. It won't public award,LGBT international in Poland 2015, i won also Tupilak Polar Bear 2015. yet With Warhol 2016 i think i asked none. This time of Raoul Wallenberg hero or agent 103? is very sad indeed. I started crowd now, and i saw that there is no Stockholm 'land' involved, which means that i will have to do same as last times, pay myself through crowd with small circle of my family and closest friends. I wonder why? really why? am i not worth anything? why You had no mercy on me? regards, Malga
Bill Schiler the boss of Skandinavien org. Tupilak was the one who on seminary 2014 asked me, to do a film on Raoul Wallenberg. I agreed at once, started research. read a lot books, esseis, internet pages and documentations. 2016 i met Nina Lagergren and had a short conversation with Her, informing Her that i start on the movie. I started to film in May 2016. First Filming in Stockholm doesn't take time when it should in June 2016 (1944) yet it takes time exactly on Raoul Wallenberg's birthday 04 august 2016. I will post You more. just to say now, that i have already filmed and edited a lot, but probably i will not youtube this, i youtubed the spot nr 1, that is attached to this project on i have 3 actors who so far act Raoul Wallenberg, Alexi Carpentieri, Aleksandr Prowlinski, Paolo Fdaeji Fdaeji. about other actors and crew members u all might read on IMDb, all good here, i will keep you posted, malga