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Help Patricio Galvezs grandchildren

Kreatör: Linda Brelin & Erik Tosterud Göteborg, Västra Götalands län, Sweden, Sweden Demokrati / Politik / Samhälle

NEW CAMPAIGN. Due to US Sanctions towards Iraq/Syria the GoFundMe campaign (that reached 8700 USD in less than a week) was suspended and all donations were refunded to the donators. This new campaign is organised with the Swedish site CrowdCulture which has confirmed that the money collected here will be given to Patricio and his work for the children.


UPDATE: Patricio's 7 grandchildren have been safely brought to Gothenburg but many Swedish children remain in al-Hol. This campaign is to ensure that the costs related to the evacuation of the 7 children are fully covered and is also to help Patricio in his continuing work to fund passport and tickets to help other children who are stuck in the camp, to come home to Sweden. 


GOAL: 82 000 SEK (about 8400 USD) to start with. 


1 passport = 200 USD

1 travel to Gothenburg, Sweden = 1000 USD

Costs given by the consulate in Erbil.


Exchange rate:

100 SEK = 10.36 USD

300 SEK = 31.06 USD

500 SEK = 51.76 USD

1000 SEK = 103.52 USD

10 000 SEK = 1035.20 USD


"My name is Patricio Galvez and I am a Chilean / Swedish freelance musician living in Gothenburg Sweden. I am also the grandfather of seven orphaned children.

Their mother - my daughter Amanda Gonzalez Pape - died on January 3 of 2019. Their father, Michael Skråmo, was killed in Baghouz between the 4 and 6 of March.

My grandchildren were in the refugee camp al-Hol from approximately March 12 to May 7, 2019. Three of them were initially treated for malnutrition and hypothermia in a hospital in Hassakeh. Fortunately their condition has improved.

They are currently in Erbil, in the Kurdistan Region and have been united with me, their grandfather Patricio.

My first priority was to ensure that the children got medical care. They were all a little bit sick, some of them had fever and coughs but there were no critical conditions.

They are today waiting to get all the papers in orders to go to Gothenburg, Sweden.

Thank you all for helping me and the children! I love you all, you are beautiful.



Articles written about the situation: 

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