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First day

Hi everyone,

This is the first day of our campaign and we have been stuggling to get the video and all the other information right on the page. Please, feel free to comment or contact me at if you have any questions about the film, this campaign or if you want to contribute in any way.



Principal photography!

Hello !

It's now been a couple of months since we started this crowdfunding campaign and what an eventful and exciting couple of months it's been, too!

On October 27th Anna Österlund Nolskog (Producer & FAD) and Ida Thomasdotter (Auteur & Actor) headed up to Ljusne to sort out the final preparations for the shoot. They were joined a couple of days later by the rest of the crew and on October 30th the camera started rolling! What followed was an intense week of filming and despite the continuity nightmare of sporadic snowfall and the traditional lack of time, thanks to the hard work and amazing dedication of our cast and crew, we actually managed to sail this ship ashore! 

But we're far from finished. Now, the wonderous journey of post-production begins!