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All projects on CrowdCulture are funded through support from individuals, organizations or companies. You can support projects in two ways: by becoming a monthly supporter or by making a direct payment. The monthly supporters also have power over a part of the public funding for culture, where some projects also receive public funding determined by the number of monthly supporters.

Do like this:
1. Seek out a project you like and click on the project name to read more. 

2. To the right on the project page you will find rewards that you can get if you support the project. Some are for monthly supporters and others are for direct payments. Select one or more of these by clicking on the corresponding box. Then click ”Support this project".

3. Pay with Visa, MasterCard or the swedish payment system Swish.

Become a monthly supporter
In addition to your own money, some projects are supported by public funds that are associated with CrowdCulture. The amount varies for different projects depending on the size of the fund, which co-finances the project.

You can become a monthly supporter for 3, 6 or 12 months for 50 SEK / 6 EUR per month. Monthly support is paid to the project day by day and after a month a total of 50 SEK has been paid to the project. After 1.5 months it has received 75 SEK, after 2 months 100 SEK and so on, in addition to the public funding.

You can transfer your monthly support at any time. You can support one project for a few weeks and then switch to support something else for a month until your months are up. You move your support by simply choosing a new project to support, while logged in. The money used to support previous projects remains within that project.