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On CrowdCulture you can finance your cultural project through many supporters. You can fund your project with a combination of crowdfunding and public grants. With CrowdCulture you can establish a closer relationship with your audience and promote your projects.

Here is how:
1. Look through what public funds are currently associated with CrowdCulture and read their criteria. Is there a fund that fits your project? You can of course use CrowdCulture for regular reward-based crowdfunding. Most funds are associated with certain regions within Sweden.

2. Create a campaign by clicking on the "Create Project" and follow the instructions. If applicable, funds are chosen in the last step. 

3. Edit and complete your campaign. Add text, rewards, pictures and video. Remember to write engaging texts that make supporters understand what you want to achieve and why they should be part of your campaign.

4. Click "Publish". You will now be given a link to different payment options. To set up a project, you must become monthly supporters for SEK 150, which you can use to support other projects.

5. Wait. It may take a few days before we get back to you. Together, we discuss improvements and set a starting and ending date.

6. Start spreading the campaign and gather supporters! 

You must have at least five monthly supporters to start getting daily public funding. Each monthly supporter you get gives a bigger share of the public fund. The amount varies depending on the size of the fund to co-finance the project and how many projects competing for the fund's money simultaneously. You can see your current daily rate at your project page. Remember that you must reach 100 percent of your funding goal for any money to be transferred to you.

Create interesting rewards
One of the most important elements of your campaign is to create interesting rewards for your supporters. There are two types of rewards you can add to your project page: green rewards for monthly supporters and orange for direct donations.

Share and communicate
The key to a successful campaign is to reach and engage your potential supporters. Before you start your campaign, take some time to think about how you will share content and communicate during your campaign. What actions do you need to do to get support? Send e-mails? Use social Media? Arrange a big party? Send letters? Distribute leaflets? Host meetings? The key to a successful campaign is to reach and engage your potential supporters.

Follow up 
After creating a campaign, you can follow up and provide new information about your project on the promotion page. In your campaign, you will find a link in the left column labeled "+ Add New Post". It is important to involve your supporters during the campaign. This function is also used to report to your supporters when the project is completed.

Support each other
CrowdCulture is based on an idea to help each other succeed. You must therefore be a monthly supporter for at least 150 SEK to create your campaign. This money goes directly to the projects you choose to support.

Finance your project
On CrowdCulture the rule is: all or nothing. In order to get your money, you must achieve 100 percent of your funding goal in time. If you do not achieve your full budget, all direct donations are refunded and money from monthly backers are distributed to other CrowdCulture projects.

Reach for more than 100%
Just because your project has reached 100 percent funding doesn’t mean that your campaign is over. As long as the campaign is active, you can gather more supporters and find new, higher goals for your campaign. Add new goals that can make the project even better and inspire more people to give more.

Good luck!