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CrowdCulture is a financing method, a tool for realizing your dream project. Here you can participate in other member’s projects, to support what you want to see realized, and get inspired. CrowdCulture opened in 2010 and is the longest running service for crowdfunding in Sweden.

How can I support projects?
All projects on CrowdCulture are funded through support from individuals or corporate sponsors. As a supporter you help a creative ideas become reality by giving a sum of money provided that the project reaches its funding goal. You usually get a reward for your support, for example a signed book for a book project or a ticket to the premiere for a film project. If the project does not go all the way you will get your money back. 

You can support projects in two ways - by becoming a monthly supporter or by making a direct donation. The monthly supporters have control over public funding, as some projects also receive support from public cultural funds depending on how many monthly supporters it has.

What public funds are connected with CrowdCulture?
On CrowdCulture you have power over some of the Sweden’s cultural budget. By becoming a monthly supporter to a project, it automatically receives public funding, if the project owner has chosen to take part in the public funding program. The money comes from different regional or local funds (LINK), which have chosen to join CrowdCulture. You can see the breakdown between private and public funding in the graph with a %-sign, for each project.

Who is behind CrowdCulture? 
CrowdCulture is an initiative of Fabel Kommunikation and is created in collaboration with SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science). We run a beta test of the system during the fall of 2010. This test was carried out in collaboration with The Fund of Innovative Culture, a part of the funding portfolio of the city of Stockholm. The development of CrowdCulture was supported by Vinnova and the Fund for Innovative Culture. 

We would like to extend a special thank you to all those who in various ways helped to make the system a reality. First of all to the creators and supporters who since 2010 have given life to the projects on CrowdCulture. A warm thank you to our advisory board: Kathrine Winkelhorn, Pierre Guillet De Monthoux and Marc Markowski. Assorted experts and thinkers: Gabriel Widing, Leo Nordwall, Andy Nordgren, Mikael Palmér, Nils Hertting, Dennis Rogenius, Andrew Crookston, Mattias Esbjörnsson, Åsa Åström, Jonny Jergander, Anders Jacobsson, Karl-Petter Åkesson, Staffan Rosenberg.

More questions? 
Please contact us if you have questions or need help with your campaign. 
Mail: hej@crowdculture.se
Twitter: @fabel_stories
Facebook: www.facebook.com/crowdculture