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Read this list of tips for a successful campaign. Have you though of it all? A well carried out campaign could become the key to a successful project.

1. Why would the audience care? 2. Plan for activites througout the campaign. 3. Sharing is a physcal and digital process. 4. Make a video. 5. Think of your rewards. 6. Ready to start?

1. Very few who fund a campain are interested in your realizing your dream. They are interested in realizing their own intrets thorugh your campaign. If you only tell your idea without giving the audience any chance for involvement you won’t succeed (unless you are very famous).

Step 0

2. We are separeted into filter buble that are hard to penetrate. You need to create content that is attached to your campaign and that has a potential to be shared. A rule could be that you need three things per week from the first to the last day of the campaign.

Step 1

3. Rather than a digital phenomena Crowd funding is a socialt act. Your campaign will benefit from having both digital and physical aspects. Maybe a kick-off at a public place could be a good idea?

Step 2

4. Your focus should be on the story rather than on the technique. A good story is entertaining, awakens curiosity and can be made with your smartphone. Indipendently how you do it a video is important.

Step 3

5. Many who create campaigns forgett that periferal things might be as attractive as the end result it self. The rewards are the arena for free styling your creative skills and branding know-how. People pre-consume thigs that is impossible to buy in a store.

Step 4

6. If you already have the answers to the challanges above you are ready to go. You could look at the crowd funding school to get more ideas on how to design a sucessful campaign.

Step 5